What Do you Know About Ethiopia?

 Unedited note sent to IndepthAfrica by one of our Ethiopian readers.

Teklit Adhanom

This country once was among the few superpowers of the world, its civilizations dates up to 3000 years .

This country passes through so many ups and downs, glory and doomed days passed over and over again. Though extensive research needed the county was failed to entertained differences that exist among its people.

Ethiopian peoples are so diversified in many things. In religion, in culture, in ethnicity, in color. All the past rulers of the country were not so smart to address this big issue. Elongated civil war and external invasions made this country to be the most back warded country on the planet. As a result the word Ethiopia became synonymous with famine and poverty .


But recently everything is becoming history. Ethiopia has the most democratic constitution in the world.

Has clear vision, just to be transformed to the middle income in 15 years of time.  The economy is booming, become the fastest growing nation in the world. Ethiopia` s economy growth average at 11 percent for the last 7 years, according to the IMF and world bank.

Infrastructure is spreading at the speedy manner (almost zero 20 years ago). Primary education is 98 %  The country owns more than 40 universities from one.  Electricity, 3000 mw from 300 mw. From 2 banks now more than 30 private banks.

In terms of military: previously the country was so fragile in security. Now the national defense is among the strongest in Africa can executes multiple operations at the same time. More than 4000 troops are deployed in Sudan as UN peacekeeper.  The first country in the world to be deployed in this number and operates solely without any other country.

This country is in general is in a state of transformation. Everything is transforming.

Ethiopia is the leading coffee exporter in Africa, the fourth in the world. The first in Africa in sesame export. The second flower exporter in Africa. So many things.

So the people who are contributing news and articles are so biased that they don’t want to admit these facts. Most of them are against the constitution of the country. Because there are some articles that they don’t want to hear. Example the right of ethnicity,

They try to disqualify all the above fact because they are not so much comfortable with.  And they give reasons for this.

I’m not saying everything is perfect. The government may have so many defects.  But it is doing so great in terms of development . so these people (your contributors) put themselves in some kind of engagement. Merely political  engagement. In other world they are not journalist, but politicians who can write news and articles like a journalist. You need to watch them up.

A very big thank you to Teklit Adhanom for your Understanding.




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