What Good is for The Goose in Never Good for the Gander!

By IndepthAfrica
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Jul 29th, 2012

Africans do not like to listen to their own or pay them either. Were what well educated, capable, passionate and gifted Africans have to offer come from some ‘lighter’ skin fraudsters in the color of an European, Indian, Lebanese, Pakistani, Israeli, South Africa [the other side], they will be lining up to pay.

The saying ‘no prophet is recognized in their home town’, was probably invented for Africans given the aftermath of slavery and washed colonial mentality, that makes Africans depend on others for their survival – Awful. The Jews turned their persecution into collaborative engagements, suspecting everyone and making their case as victims and keeping certain comparative assets close to vest. For Africans, they love everyone and mostly those that exploit her, who as consolation offer them alms when they Africans should use strong arms to rescue themselves relying on their own.

Africans pay others but their own. If not, how come Indians, Chinese, Pakistanis, Lebanese, Israelis run things in Africa? Today, most Africans are not allowed entry to certain establishments owned by these nationals, and no matter how long they live in the respective countries, they never take up native names? They shun African culture but like the loose and quick bucks they make on the back of hapless Africans.

Speaking of discrimination and 21st century ‘Apartheid’, it is well and alive in most sub-Saharan countries. Most foreign multinationals and oil/gas companies will not allow certain level of Africans live in their camp or enjoy facilities set aside for the expats. I have seen that in my native country Nigeria. And yet, Nigerian leadership and citizenry, go about their business as if it is okay. When one is washed of progressive thoughts and reduced to ‘beggar’ status, they see nothing wrong in their marginal situations and conditions.

How many Africans are successful or dare do what these scoundrels/leeches/parasites do in Africa in India, Lebanon, Pakistan, Israeli? They would be roasted, thrown out and or jailed. But Africans being gullible with undue ‘beggar mentality’ permit and allow these folks to run and control most aspects of their economy for peanuts.

So what is good for the goose is never good for the gander when African are concerned?

But anyone/those that lower themselves to the level of doormats, will always enjoy the harsh feet of those that brush/step on them and walk all over them.

It is an ageless saying that my dear mom impacted.

I Rest!

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