Health body says it is ethical to use untested drugs in fight against disease that has killed more than a thousand.
The World Health Organisation ( WHO ) has approved the use of untested Ebola drugs to treat the current outbreak in West Africa .
The WHO said at a news conference in Geneva on Tuesday that the use of untested drugs was ethical, provided certain conditions were met .
The statement comes following a meeting of medical experts asked to assess the ethics of using untested drugs in the outbreak.
Two batches of experimental treatments were reported to be heading to Liberia on Tuesday, the first delivery of untested Ebola drugs in Africa.
The UN health agency said more than 1000 people had died so far from the illness in West Africa, with authorities recording 1 ,848 suspected or confirmed cases.
The virus, spread by direct contact with bodily fluids was detected in Guinea in March and has since spread to Sierra Leone , Liberia and possibly Nigeria .