Who should lead Sierra Leone ?

As the 2012 Presidential campaign gets into full gear, the national conversation is winding down to the basic question of who should lead Sierra Leone. In actuality, this is what it all boils down to because that’s what voters at the polls will decide in addition to other contests. The incumbent President Koroma asserted in the past that this Election would be a referendum on his leadership. He is right. The opposition has been unable to define the campaign.  Bio is having more than a tough time reprogramming the minds of Sierra Leoneans or convincing the nation to give his new direction a try. That’s because President has done an excellent job leading the nation. On the other hand, President Ernest Bai Koroma has proven to the nation and the world that he is the best leader for the Nation; he is a man of his words. Steering Sierra Leone on the correct path, he has never been shy to address various issues expected of leaders. The Bio  campaign is too secretive and he has shied away from facing the nation. Boosting his standing in the nation is the fact that President Koroma remains engaged with Sierra Leoneans. Julius Maada Bio while thinning out lies has found ham-fisted reasons to avoid a candid dialogue with Sierra Leoneans. Do we want a Bio’s version of a mute (‘mumu”) or boku talk so so lie lie leadership?


Clearly, an ever-increasing number of Sierra Leoneans know Julius Maada Bio is not the one to lead us again;Bio’s leadership ended in 1996 and there is no reason to recycle him back to the top. Bio must be from another planet or a different era to believe his past should not be part of the equation as the nation makes what is perhaps the most important decision of this millennium. Is Bio afraid that his double-dealings would be exposed? Against his threats, they are already out there for the world to see and read about. And we’ll recount them so that Sierra Leoneans will remember the past dealings of someone who thinks that leading our nation in 2012 is their destiny; We owe it to Mama Salone to make this Election Bio’s demise.  With a bungling NPRC involvement and record, does Bio think Sierra Leone is willing to take a preventable chance with him as a comeback sobel leader?  Bio admires himself because he is a self-made man driven by nothing but the love of power; not the power of love. He is out of place to even think that Sierra Leoneans would forsake an incumbent President Koroma whose shoulder is to the wheel pushing our nation forward. Bio wants the nation to try him, whose back is against the wall bringing down the good image of Sierra Leone at home and abroad.

Fellow Sierra Leoneans simply put, Julius Maada Bio is too clumsy to lead Sierra Leone. Bio is a lumbering individual for any form of national leadership in today’s Sierra Leone. He is extremely inept and behaves eccentrically to mirror the straightforward leadership we have come to expect from President Koroma. Sierra Leone is not going to be the nation where an accident-prone individual like Bio is voted into office in 2012. In Bio’s past, there are distinct incidents that should drive away those who are still absentmindedly left in his pa-o-pa camp. There is one too many unpleasant happenings with Bio to compel conscious minded voters away from him and toward reelecting President Koroma. Definitively, those who have already moved to the warm embrace of President Koroma made the wise decision and right choice. Bio’s clumsiness is a hindering attribute for any politician let alone a presidential contender. Julius Maada Bio never disciplined himself therefore we now have to do just that by denying him Sierra Leone’s presidency. He thinks his false brigadier title would frighten us from unearthing his clumsy moral fiber. No way! We are patriotic Sierra Leoneans determined to convince the voters before they head to the polls that Julius Maada Bio is too clumsy to lead Sierra Leone.

Julius Maada Bio displayed his clumsiness by selling Sierra Leonean Passports amounting to millions of dollars. He channeled his selfish gains to an offshore account and when asked about it blamed it on his deceased brother Steve Bio. Bio put on show his clumsiness by arriving at SAJ Musa’s residence where 29 Sierra Leoneans were being tortured and brutalized. According to him, it was the worst day of their NPRC regime. Without revealing his participation in slaughtering innocent Sierra Leoneans, he blamed the entire heinous CRIME on SAJ Musa. Bio demonstrated his clumsiness by artfully being part of the various factions during Sierra Leone’s 11 years civil conflict. Hypocritically, he overthrew Valentine Strasser and tried to sell his recline of peace before democracy. Bio exhibited his clumsiness by falsely applying for Asylum in the United States of America. After acting like a violent thug by abusing his wife, he ran away (escaped justice) wearisome that domestic violence charges would be brought against him if he stayed in the US. Bio returned to Sierra Leone misleading his Mende brothers that he is back with the right education to recapture power.

Julius Maada Bio should not lead Sierra Leone because in all of these instances and several more, one thing is constant; clumsy and questionable behavior followed by well designed excuses. Less we forget, in less than two months to Elections, Bio’s clumsy conduct has led to the repeated denial of his US Visa application. Instead of garnering the moral fiber to state the correct reasons for his denial, he is looking for anyone and everyone to blame. President Yahyah Jammeh of the Gambia has been cited as his clique blame US officials for preventing Julius Maada Bio to take his message to his supporters in the United States of America. Julius Maada Bio is clumsy; Bio makes excuses all the time. Furthermore, Bio lacks personal discretion. Discretion is said to be like a man’s beard that doesn’t show up until he grows up. Since Bio is deficient in discretion (wise judgment), he has not grown an inch from his NPRC days to lead Sierra Leone again. Julius Maada Bio still acts like a child; Bio still na pikin en pikin nor go rule we contry anymore.

So, who should lead Sierra Leone? President Ernest Bai Koroma should lead Sierra Leone beyond 2012 until 2017. President Ernest Bai Koroma has all the characteristics of an excellently good leader. He has strengthened Sierra Leoneans with his Agenda for Change and the ensuing pattern of development across the nation. His presence amongst Sierra Leoneans everywhere is a blessing; we feel at home and safe with President Koroma. President Koroma blesses us with his love for Sierra Leoneans and Sierra Leone. President Koroma encourages Sierra Leoneans with his hope. He sees us not as people to abuse but fellow citizens to uplift as the new Sierra Leone is constructed. We trust President Koroma’s leadership and know that his Agenda for Prosperity will bring exaltation to Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans. Whereas reputation is precious, character is said to be priceless. President Koroma is in good standing with Sierra Leoneans. Moreover, President Koroma is not like Bio attempting to ineffectively recover his character.  We know the good things President Koroma stands for and the good works he has done.  We know the honest makeup of both men, and have come to the countrywide conclusion that the incumbent President Ernest Bai Koroma should lead Sierra Leone until 2017. Lunta!

Solomon Sesay

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