Why Ethiopians do not expect Mr. Desalegn to be a Good Samaritan

By IndepthAfrica
In East Africa
Nov 25th, 2012

By Issa Abdusemed

They said ‘Time will tell’ no matter how deeply involved in religious activities our hope to the successor of the tyrant seems highly drop down immediately. After we had waited for so long, we rejoice by the death of the tyrant.. However the story of the succession and the waiting of the visionary leader quest are still kept on open. We are still waiting for time like this to come. Such is a significant moment to show the world who Hailemariam really is.

Is he really a man of God? Is he going to break the ethnic linkage of the Tigray narrow-minded ethnic groups and let the miserable people free? Is the long waited ambition of getting back the lost port of Asseb going to be raised once again? Is he going to be fair in elections and power distribution? Are we going to have fair and balanced economic and wealth distribution among us?

Ethiopians had waited for more than two decades to see these questions to be investigated by the government and to come forward to the table for discussion. We as a citizen also would like to have peaceful and open dialogue with the government once again.

After the roars of TPLF groups to retain the lost chair of the late tyrant zenawi, Mr. Desalegn came to power.  Though the so-called a religious bunny.

The hot sit in Addis Ababa has its own disheartening power. Its blood thirstiness does drag Desalegn in one or other ways. Knowing or unknowingly the copycat Mr desalegn shows his commitment in different stages. The tradition of the Arab spring effect was expected long before to have its implications on Ethiopian political administration. The benefit oriented political system kept the rotten system firm not to fall. Many attempts have been collapsed at the beginning by the deeply tighten intelligent works of the TPLF agents. Even though, the demands of the society for change rise, people can’t express their feelings freely the way the fill it. This is primarily because the system makes it very difficult. Constitutional rights are not well exercised. One can see they are by far the worst in Ethiopia.

Why Desalegn didn’t take long time to express his devotion to the late dictator? I think as many of you may agree at this point the man has many of qualities he had grabbed in years from his master.  That is why  after he step in on the hot sit that he had shown his deepest gratitude, trust worthiness  and linkage  his party. He had shown himself to us in a different way after he swore to take the sit.

Desalegn is not to be expected to be the Good Samaritan in many ways. The reason for this is because from the beginning he has shown us how it is easy to left his dogma in to his home and to exercise dictatorship in front of the public. For holding tyrannical leadership, He made himself ready  to betray his LORD for Zenawi./ the latter is a man who may even not get the forgiveness of his God if he has one for what he did among us./  I am not judging here but Desalegn is like a snake amongst us. He pretends to be a man of GOD when he appears in front of the church to give grace to his lord than at parliament.

Desalegn has announced to the public that  would prove to continue working as a successor and task taker of Zenawi.

The toughest test of all seems to be the untouchable subjects left buried by the late tyrant seems to erupt immediately after the fair well bid paid to the late dictator. The dramatic fare-well ceremony and the unrealistic grief made by the information minister still show that the government is under influence from the Tigrians. Religious problems left aside once again. People with different political ideology are still arrested and torched.

Such influence and unrealistic power utilization makes the power of Hailemariam very weak. The hope of the people drops down. Gaining trust of the public seems awkward for the newly assigned prime minister. The minister is burning under fire and he cannot able to exercise his power because of the influence he had from EPRDF and TPLF juntas around him. He is also subjected to the ideology of TPLF. Which is very poisonous and dangerous to the unity and development of Ethiopia.

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