Why I Joined ZANU PF & also Support Makandiwa

By IAfrica
In Zimbabwe
Apr 21st, 2014

Why I Joined ZANU PF & also Support Makandiwa thumbnail

Dear Editor. Below is a post by ZANU PF’s Psychology Maziwisa.

Psychology Maziwisa | ZANU PF Deputy Director of Information

A few years ago when I decided to leave my job in South Africa to join ZANU PF, I was condemned by all and sundry, described as naïve and several wondered why a young person of my intelligence would join a ‘sinking ship’.

A few years have passed and not only did ZANU PF win the last election with an almost unprecedented margin, I have made a name for myself and my career is showing very good prospects. It is only now, 5 years down the line, that many are beginning to appreciate the wisdom of my decision.

A similar situation has today presented itself and it concerns Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa. People tend to speak appallingly about Makandiwa as if there is something for certain that they know he has done wrong.maxziwisa

Of course he’s not a saint. Like all of us, he falters. But the naked truth is that Makandiwa is blessed with a rare ability to draw people close to God. And that’s the least of his capabilities. His healing and prophetic prowess is almost without match in religious circles.

That’s not to say people should not make up their minds about which church to go to. Just that people should not criticize- especially if there is no evidence to back up their baseless accusations- those who have decided to fall under Makandiwa’s UFI Church.

I am utterly convinced that, as with my decision to join ZANU PF 5 years ago, people will-in due course- begin to understand just why some of us speak so glowingly about this extraordinary man of God.

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