Why the Federal Minister of Trade of Ethiopian (Abdurahman Sheikh Mohammed) was Sacked by Meles Zenawi?

Why the Federal Minister of Trade of Ethiopian (Abdurahman Sheikh Mohammed) was Sacked by Meles Zenawi?

What are the facts and who are the Key Players in this case?
By A Yakume*

In November 2011, Abdurahman Sheikh Mohammed, a 29 year old moron who was the Federal Trade Minister of Ethiopia was sacked and fired, and have been officially removed from his post by Meles Zenawi. Meles Zenawi said the tongue-tied boy couldn’t perform his job and is therefore dismissed. But after few days, the Head of the Military Forces in Harar (General Abraha Wolda) and Somalia Regional President (Abdi Mohamed Omar) said that the Somali Regional Government requested for Abdurahman Sheikh Mohammed to be sent back to the region who ‘needs’ his expertise.

Abdurahman Sheikh Mohammed is from Ogaden, but was born in Harar from Harari woman. The Regional President (Abdi Mohamed Omar) is from Ogaden, but with two wives who are relatives of Abdurrahman. The head of the military forces in Harar (General Abraha Wolda) is from Tigray who consider himself as a Harari boy and with a Harari girl friend.

Before taking the position of Minister of Trade, Abdurahman was head of the Somali Regional State Education Bureau, Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Bureau, and also Member of the Executive Committee of the Somali People’s Democratic Party (SPDP). Staff of these offices said the facts about this man. They got the actual face of this man (Abdurahman Sheikh Mohammed) as a big crocodile, who lacks ethic and basic skills to talk, plan and report, and also run public institutions and manage people and resources. Abdurahman Sheikh Mohammed looted all resources, materials and aid relief in the region, including the educational materials and school supplies, aid relief in the Somali regional state. Abdurahman was used to spend half of his time sitting in houses in jigjiga, signing office papers in that house, discussing contractors to give bribes.

Local people in the region and also staff members at regional and federal government offices who know and worked with Abdurahman believe that, Abdurahman is a bad boy and bad example of the bad officials and leaders from the pastoralists’ areas (i.e. Somali, Afar, Gambella and Banishangul-Gumuz) in Ethiopia. The assignment proposal was done by the Head of the Military Forces in Harar (General Abraha Wolda) and Somalia Regional President (Abdi Mohamed Omar) without consulting the Central and Executive Committees of the Somali People’s Democratic Party (SPDP).

When Abdurahman got his position, he thought that the same game and things in Jijega “the Somali way of looting and corruption” can be there in Addis Ababa and he tried to implement his past experience and negotiation skills “corruption” with the business community, as well as Amarouch, Tigrains, and also Arab and Indian investors in Addis Ababa. Based on that dirty game, lack of education and skills to understand EPRDF language and office requirements, and also personal and personnel conflicts and interests with Tigrains “the key brokers and dealers” in the trade offices and customs at the federal and regional, relatives of Meles Zenawi proposed dismals of Abdurahman from his position. However, due to the involvement of this man “Abdurahman” in some dirty files (i.e. human crimes, genocides, corruption, etc) with Tigrains, the federal government decided to send him to the region, so they can keep him there through Liyu Police body guards, and control his movement and commutations.

There is Kiswahili proverb, which says “mtoto wa nyoka ni nyoka”, which means, the child of a snake is a snake. Therefore, the crime and corruption team; Abdurahman Sheikh Mohammed, Abdi Mohamed Omar, and General Abraha Wolda are snake behind this case, but with different aims and purposes. When Abdurahman arrived in Jijega he advised his friend, the Regional President (Abdi Mohamed Omar) the worst the Tigres can do, which is to put the Ph.D. holders and qualified Somali officials (Dr. Suldan Wali, Dr. Ahmed Shiekh, Omar Haji, and others) in the regional government offices on the throne. Abdurahman Sheikh Mohammed is the person who proposed Meles’s monument in Somali Regional State, Jijiga. In 25 August 2012, the name of the only hospital in the Somali region (the Jigjiga Referral Hospital), which is under construction, was changed to “Meles Zenawi Memorial Referral Hospital”. Abdurahman Sheikh Mohammed and Abdi Mohamed Omar are behind this idea.

However, there are key questions, which need answer from the top officials of the Somali people in the Ogaden region and also federal government. These questions are;
– Why the Federal Minister of Trade (Abdurahman Sheikh Mohammed) was sacked and fired, and officially removed from the post by Meles Zenawi? What are the facts and reasons behind this dismissal?
– Who or why the Somali regional government proposed assignment of this selfish and corrupted crocodile Abdurahman Sheikh Mohammed) as a Federal Minster, representative of the Somali people at federal government? And how to avoid such clan-based assignments like this in the future? Or who to ensure assignment of qualified Somalis (i.e. Abdulfetah Sheik Abdulahi and others, not frogs like Abdirahman, Abdirashid and Daud) at the federal institutions?
– Why General Abraha and Abdi Mohamed Omar said that, the Somali Regional Government requested for Abdurahman Sheikh Mohammed to be sent back to the region who ‘needs’ his expertise? If this is correct, what kind of experience that, Abdurahman Sheikh Mohammed can add or contribute to his people and the region? If the the Military Forces in Harar (General Abraha Wolda) and Somali Regional President (Abdi Mohamed Omar) are right with this statement, was there wrong information with Meles Zenawi or was the dismissal order wrong? What was / is the past and current experience and performance of Abdurahman at both federal and regional governments?

Somali region (Ogaden) is Ethiopia’s ‘own Darfur, where government runs war and organized human genocide, and blocks food aid delivery and trade, humanitarian access in the region. Women, children and older people are the most vulnerable groups to suffer abuse and violence and misuse of humanitarian aid in these regions. Ogaden humanitarian crisis is the worst one in Africa and Middle East. Ethiopian government blocks humanitarian food aid and operations, diverts and distort food aid to feed military forces and militias in the Somali region (Ogaden). Because of the ongoing military operations, humanitarian crisis and human abuses government targets humanitarian agencies and staff. Humanitarian agencies and media have no access to operate in the Ogaden region. Ethiopia’s donors and UN are aware of these problems, but have done little to address the problems or tackle their own role in underwriting government repression.

Relief food is only source of income for the level government officials and militias at local level. WFP relief food goes through the government channels. The food is delivered where there are militia presences only. NGOs are not allowed to monitor humanitarian situation and operations and share with about these incidents, otherwise the government will close these organizations and arrests staff members. Government accuses humanitarian workers that, they support rebels and opposition groups, and share with UN and donors information about humanitarian situation of the country.

Collective Punish
Ethiopian Government punished local community by accusing them that, they support ONLF, UN and NGOs, Foreign missions and media. Staff and experts from the foreign missions, media, humanitarian agencies (UN and NGOs) are not allowed to travel to the region and visit drought and conflict affected areas and monitor the situation on the ground. Poor humanitarian management with serious violations and detention of the aid workers and absence of rule of law will not change the humanitarian situation in the region. However, the funny Woyane regime in Ethiopia can produce Military Drone Aircraft to kill the Amahar and Oromo farmers and also Afar and Ogaden pastoralists, but cannot Produce Humanitarian Requirement Document (HRD) with information on the realities on the ground.

*Yakume is a freelance writer, and can be reached at yakume3@gmail.com

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