Why the Transfer of the Capital Juba to Wau: No to new slavery & domination

By IAfrica
In South Sudan
Aug 5th, 2014

BY: Vanivongo, WAU, AUG/05/2014, SSN;

Poverty has obviously made a lot of our brothers and sisters to sell their will at a cheap price. They are not any freer in their thoughts and behaviors. They can not reveal their true will. With these constraints, inhibitions and phobia, they have become slaves, and have victimized themselves and their children, and this will continue to reflect negatively on their grand, grand children.

The dangerous part of it is talking on behalf of people without delegation and grabbing the properties of the poor under blatant power abuse they are exhibiting.

Therefore, the recent unilateral suggestion of the transfer of the capital of the Republic of South Sudan from Juba to Wau, in Western Bahr el Ghazel State (WBGS) by the Governor Rizik Zecheria does not represent the will of the people of Wau who own the original ownership of the land.

He, Gov. Rizik, unfortunately, is not from Wau himself, he hails from Raga. Moreover, the so-called Chair person of the civil society of WBGS, who presented the speech during the fabricated demonstration, is himself a stranger and therefore has no right to talk on the issue without the consent of the indigenous people.

Imposing innocent children of the Schools in Wau to go on demonstration allegedly in support of the transfer without their consent is an abuse of the rights and the children themselves, and it is seriously a crime against their rights.

Human Rights Agencies, please, you need to look into it.

Furthermore, threatening Government officials to participate in the demonstration against their will, and also additionally, threatening them with either facing cuts of salaries or suspension from the work, have nothing to do with the public service regulation.

This is an abuse of power and new practice of slavery.

Moreover, imposing things on people and grabbing the properties of the poor under various forms of force is another new form of domination the governor is unashamedly exploiting.

Buying the will of the weak and forcing children and unprotected citizen to express what is not in their heart is another new form of slavery and a crime against human dignity.

The issue is not the transfer of the capital to Wau, but the intention behind. People of Wau totally believe that there are bad intentions behind the evil motives of their neighbors. END

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