Woman severs hand in yacht sex accident

A New Zealand woman nearly lost her hand after a “steamy sex romp” in Croatia went wrong, reports have said.

According to the Croatian Times, the 28-year-old woman’s hand was severed on a jagged edge of a hand basin in the bathroom of a yacht off the island of Pakleni Otoci.

Police spokesman Kraljevic Gudelj said: “It appears (she was) engaged in a passionate act in the bathroom where at some stage the sink broke – leaving a jagged edge that severed the woman’s hand when she fell to the floor.”

The paper reports police in nearby Hvar are looking for the woman’s British lover who fled the scene.

Police identified the girl only as Amy R, 28, from New Zealand, whose hand was reattached during a six-hour operation.

A hospital nurse said: “The first thing she asked after waking up from a surgery was whether she still had her left hand.”

“The young woman almost died, and was only saved after she was airlifted to hospital where doctors managed to reattach the severed limb. It had only been attached by a small amount of skin,” Gudelj was quoted as saying.

“We believe it was probably an accident but the British man has fled and the New Zealand girl is understandably hard to speak to at the moment. We want to track him down to find out his side of the story,” the Croatian Times reported. – The New Zealand Herald

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