Workers protest force Chinese firm to increase salaries and buy protective clothing

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In Zambia
Mar 26th, 2014

Time Posted: March 26, 2014 6:12 am

SHANDONG Dejian, a Chinese firm engaged by Maamba Collieries limited to install electrical pylons from Munzuma Zesco substation in Choma to the mine in Sinazonzwe District, has procured protective clothing units for its workers.

The company has also increased the workers salaries to K900 per month from about K700.

The workers, last week protested over lack of protective clothing and poor conditions of service prompting Choma District Commissioner Bernadette Hamweemba to summon company director William Teng.

Humphrey Kaumba told Ms Hamweemba who visited the construction site on Monday that the company management bought them required protective clothing.

“We are happy that after madam (Ms Hamweemba) you came last week when we protested, our company management has bought us proper protective clothing and we are working well,” he said.

He said, all the workers had been provided with protective clothing such as safety boots, helmets and grooves.

Mr Teng said his company would adhere to the Zambian stipulated labour laws and would ensure there was a conduvice working environment with its workers.

He said the company had increased the workers’ salaries to K900 adding that the strong bilateral ties between Zambia and China should flourish for the benefits of the two countries.

Ms Hamweemba said Government would not tolerate companies that abrogate labour laws by mistreating workers and underpaying them.

She urged employers to adhere to labour laws and that those found wanting would always face the law.

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