World Cup: Keshi Wants ’94 Eagles Spirit

Stephen Keshi, coach of the Nigerian football team, says Osaze must change his attitude before he could earn a call to return to the national team

Following their 1-2 loss to USA in a friendly match played on Saturday, Super Eagles coach, Stephen Keshi has charged his players to emulate the spirit of the Nigerian team to the USA 1994 World Cup if they want to go far in the Brazil tournament which begins on Thursday.

Keshi, who was a member of the Eagles that reached the second round stage in 1994 World Cup, said what he expects from his players is to show spirit of commitment, unity, oneness and togetherness in Brazil.

 He said they are going to the World Cup with a fresh challenge and also to make soccer loving Nigerians and Africans proud.

Looking back at how arguably the best-ever Nigerian team conquered Africa in 1994, before they warmed their way into millions of other hearts with their superlative displays at the World Cup in the United States of America the same year, Keshi told “The 1994 squad was a beautiful squad. It is my dream to have that squad in this present squad. To have the unity, the oneness, the commitment, the togetherness, that would be great.”

Asked if there are similarities between 1994 squad and present the Eagles, the former Togo gaffer said there are differences in both teams.

“I do not want to compare my team with the ‘94 squad because the ‘94 squad were different. What I would say is that I am working to ensure that the present team have similar character, team spirit like that of the ‘94 squad,” he said.

Commenting on his relationship with former Eagles Coach, Clement Westerhof, Keshi said that their relationship have been cordial, adding that they have respect for one another.

“Our relationship was like coach and player. It was like brothers, our relationship was like father and son. He had a lot of respect for me, just like I had for him. He would consult me on what was going on in the team and I would give him my sincere opinion,” he said.