World’s 5 Dumbest robbers

By benim
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Sep 15th, 2011

It seems logical that preparation is everything when it comes to committing a crime, so you can hardly blame 40-year-old Canadian Daniel Glen for wanting to cross the T’s and dot the I’s before robbing a local store. He probably should have stopped short of ringing the store clerk to ask if the cash register was full though.

Yes, amazingly Glen wanted to know if the trip would be worth his while and rang ahead to ask if the employees would be kind enough to count the cash and bag it for him ready to collect when he turned up.

The kind-hearted clerk gladly obliged, but not before ringing the police who were ready and waiting for the courteous criminal’s arrival.

The thief who logged into Facebook

How addicted to social networking do you have to be to log onto the victim’s computer and check your Facebook page while you’re robbing their home? And how stupid do you have to be to forget to log out?

Just ask Pennsylvania resident Jonathan G Parker who did just that during a robbery he committed in his hometown in 2009.

The bank robber who left himself Post-it notes

During the course of routine enquiries after a local bank robbery in Marysville, California, police pulled over 64-year-old Arthur Cheney after they saw him driving a car that resembled the getaway vehicle reported by eyewitnesses.

Bank robber Arthur Cheney caught on CCTV before incriminating Post-it notes led to his arrest

It’s hardly a smoking gun, so what led these curious coppers to make their arrest?

Well their suspicions may have been piqued when they noticed a Post-it note on the car’s dashboard with the handwritten reminder: “Robbery – 100s and 50s only”. D’oh!

The Robber who tried to rob a bank that had already closed

A bank robber was arrested in Liberty, Pennsylvania, USA, after police said he tried to rob a bank that had already closed for the afternoon. Christopher Allen Koch, 28, arrived at Citizens & Northern Bank around 11.40am and sat inside his car in the bank’s parking lot for 20 minutes. But Koch had not read the opening hours, posted on the bank’s door and the bank closed at noon. He tried to enter the bank at 12.01 pm – a minute too late. He was wearing ski mask and gloves and had a gun. Employees inside spotted Koch and got a license plate number that led police to him. Koch was charged with criminal attempted robbery and possessing instruments of a crime.

The Robber who drove a stolen car to court

A 37-year-old man was charged with stealing a Lexus SUV after he drove it to court the day a jury decided whether to convict him in an unrelated auto theft charge.

Police were suspicious after watching the San Francisco hairstylist walk to the car, parked in front of the courthouse, with keys in hand. The car also attracted attention as it had several Yorkshire Terriers mulling around it. The man was charged with receiving a stolen vehicle, receiving stolen property and charges of animal cruelty for leaving the dogs unattended in the vehicle.

Meanwhile, the jury convicted the man of the original auto theft charge. He was charged with possession of a Porsche Carrera, valued at $125,000, that had been stolen from a San Anselmo home.

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