Worst of the Worst: Ethiopia

By IndepthAfrica
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Oct 2nd, 2012

by Baile Derseh Miherete

The highly repressive environment in Ethiopia worsened before and after Meles. The independent media journalists, the oppositions activists, the civil society, even innocent Ethiopians have fled the country to avoid prosecution. The ruling regime has turned Ethiopia today into the most aggression vault where its innocent citizens suffer. Thousands of Ethiopian citizens that have died and disappeared at the hands of this horrendous regime. Almost all the countless Ethiopian dasappeared, tortured and killed by cruelest regime ever. For the last 21 years Ethiopian peoples sprint through starvation and malnutrition, politically the regime has shown its complete hostility to the rule of law, justice and constitutional democracy. This is a mocking and shame of our nation which has been continuously rolling back words by any political, economical and social measures. In clear terms the tragedy burdon upon the great Ethiopian people by heartless regime. This last not least. Adolf Hittler, Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong and others did that is what Ethiopians dictators / TPLF / do today.


  1. Ethiopian people looks food at city dump.
  2. Ethiopia is the only nation in africa with a nation wide internet filtering system.
  3. Ethiopia is the second poorest nation in the world.
  4. State independent media are non existent.
  5. Uncovered a trafficking high way running from Ethiopia.
  6. The gournment employing anti-terrorism law to silence nearly all dissenting vioces.
  7. Ethnic cleansing: is an international crime, ofcourse it is crime against humanity, but the woyanne junta continues killing, torture, displaced and disapearance of thousands of people.
  8. The TPLF fool the Ethiopian people again after Meles and shamelessly with false promise.
  9. Ethiopia is now officially considered one of the world’s most corrupt country.
  10. The TPLF government could have been a serious obstacle to the religion.
  11. TPLF government deliberatly and systematically destruction, in whole, in part of an ethnic as such: killing members of the groups, causing serious bodily or mental to members of the group, deliberatly  infliciting on the group of conditions.
  12. In Tunisia and Egypt the military and security forces rapidly distanced themselves from the regime thus facilitating their rapid fall. Unlike to this countries, file in the Ethiopia military leader, police leader, security leader are members of the ruling family and its allied tribes. These arrangements allow the Ethiopian regime to remain confident.
  13. Illegally the TPLF government selling of large chunks of land to  local or international investors.
  14. Ethiopia is the most populous land locked country in the world now a days.
  15. Government policy imposes strict rules and regulations and directive to use edication in politics.
  16. In Ethiopia by this time there is no guarantee for employers.

What we underscored that there is no hope for our people unless we rise up in one voice

and confront this brutal regime with everything and can be changed only by a total regime change. I called the oppositions activists, the civic society and the Ethiopian people at large to actively participate in the strugle for freedom and democracy.

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