Would you let your child be a model?

By benim
In Lifestyle
Aug 21st, 2011

Apparently this 10-year-old is the next big thing on the fashion scene. Would you be okay with your child posing like this?

Thylane Loubry Blondeau is making waves in the fashion industry and has garnered numerous campaigns – everything from the cover of Vogue Enfants to haute couture shoots. But those smouldering eyes, pouting lips and alluring pose are so sensual, it’s disturbing to think that she’s just a pre-teen.

My sentiments echo those of a UK group who are trying to restrict the sexualisation of children in media. “We have grave concerns about the modelling agency who represent Blondeau, which clearly does not know if it represents a child or an adult,” said a representative from the Mother’s Union.

There’s a reason why this issue is causing controversy.

I’m of the opinion that there has to be a limit somewhere. To me, this is sick. What kind of photographer puts a young girl in a tight, low cut dress, sends her teetering onto the set in sky high stilettos and tells her to jut her hip out suggestively?

This isn’t some kid playing dress up with mommy’s clothes at home. It’s a child who is being sexualised to make money for major brands – solely for the purpose of being gazed at in a very adult way.

I’m disturbed by these pics but am I making a big fuss out of nothing?

How would you feel about your child being a pre-teen model?

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