YABATECH Lecturer Urges FG To Establish Law To Control Noise Pollution

Joy Ekeke
Chief Lecturer,Dr Adeleke Abiodun, Department of Chemical Science, Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH),on Thursday urged th Federal Government to establish a law to control noise pollution

A Chemist,Abiodun made the call in an interview with NAN on the sideline of the Sixth Inaugural Lecture of the institution in Lagos.

The lecture was titled “Science: Towards a Clean, Sustainable and Developed Environment.”

Abiodun said that enactment of noise pollution control law would reduce noise pollution from industries, churches, mosques, vehicles and musical instruments.

The lecturer called for ban on honking of horns and the use of sirens in certain areas, as well as the use of loudspeakers in social and religious houses.

“Noise pollution affects are both health and behaviour; unwanted sound is called noise.

“These unwanted noise can damage physiological and psychological health; noise pollution can cause annoyance and aggression, hypertension, high stress level, hearing loss, sleep disturbance and other harmful effects.

“Large segments of the population and industrialised society are exposed to high levels of noise, not only at their places of work, but also in their residences.

He said that environmental noise was on the increase in Lagos and could become a major threat to the quality of human life.

Abiodun said that high levels of noise could contribute to cardiovascular problems.

The lecturer recommended the use of silencer in churches and mosques to reduce noise pollution.

He described a silencer as a device for reducing the amount of noise, emitted by the exhaust of an internal combustion engine, musical instrument or machine, throughout the world.

Abiodun described noise as “a displeasing sound created by human, animal or machine; which disrupts the activity and balance of human and animal life,’ he said.

He said that noise could cause annoyance and could also increase the incidence of coronary artery disease.

Abiodun cautioned youths against the use of headphones with the volume turned-up to forestall hearing impairment.

The lecturer also advised parents to avoid the purchase of noisy toys for their babies, as it could cause noise pollution.

Abiodun urged governments to sustain the campaign on tree planting.