Yassin, Shearia localities call for return to South Darfur

Leaders and notables of Shearia and Yassin localities, East Darfur, have gathered signatures of citizens to withdraw from the East Darfur state and return to the South Darfur state.

They discussed the formation of the East Darfur government during a meeting in Nyala city on Saturday.

“The citizens have suffered,” the participants justified their wish for Shearia and Yassin to return to South Darfur. “The requirements of the citizens have not been met by joining East Darfur.”

The leaders called on the central government to accelerate the formation of the state government. They claim that the formation has hindered development projects and services for more than 18 months.

File photo: Shearia and Yassin localities, east of Nyala city, the capital of South Darfur state.