Yes….. Kiir is ‘STUPID’….. and that’s our problem

JUN/17/2014, SSN;

EDITORIAL ANALYSIS: Absolutely, the calling of president Salva Kiir ‘stupid’ signifies the obvious political and diplomatic frustration by IGAD’s Secretary-general, Mahboub Maalim, especially when the same Kiir puts his selfish interest foremost than the terrible predicament he has now brought on the millions of South Sudanese.

Exacerbating his supposed ‘stupidity’ further, our supposedly stupid president has subsequently and in a typically primitive knee-jerk reaction, cancelled his government’s further attendance of the peace negotiations in Addis Ababa for his self-interest again because, as his information minister, Makuei, reiterated, ‘Kiir deserves an apology.’

What a selfish president! Does Kiir seriously care about the millions of South Sudanese citizens dying from the unnecessary war and the impeding famine he has created?

As further elaborated by the Ugandan Member of Parliament, Dr. Kenneth Omona, “the disagreement between Kiir and Machar didn’t warrant war but if they’re insisting on war they become STUPID. War is always the last resort… many fertile grounds of maturity were ignored. The entire political and military class should embrace dialogue… if not, then it’s STUPIDITY.”

Nothing wrong here with the criticism of the Ugandan politician which echoed what IGAD’s Mahboub Maalim first rationalized, after all, IGAD has already wasted 17 million US dollars on the seemingly futile and endless peace talks in Addis.

What’s really more important at this critical time in our nation– the political calamity South Sudanese are enduring because of Kiir’s blunders or, to put it bluntly, the protection of his obviously well-publicized ‘stupidity?’

However, what’d worry citizens of South Sudan more is the unstoppable and rapid political metamorphosis of Kiir into a typical murderous and genocidal dictator, a buffoon and an idiot, the likes of Gadafi, Bokassa and the Pol Pots.

It can’t be any more disputed now is the fact that Kiir had carefully premeditated, planned and executed the mortal annihilation of Dr. Riek Machar and his Nuer tribes-people by his creation and use of a predominately Warrap and Northern Bahr el Ghazel Dinka militia just as the then Hutu president Habalyimana created the ‘Interahamwe’ paramilitary milita that massacred a million Rwandese in 1994.

In all frankness, most South Sudanese unanimously and quietly applaud the critical observation of IGAD’s Mahboub Maalim on Kiir’s mental status when he called Kiir as stupid.

To contextualize the alleged characterization of Kiir as ‘stupid,’ perhaps Mr. Mahboub Maalim meant either one or all of the following definitions:
1- A stupid person as one tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes;
2- Lacking intelligence or care;
3- Having or showing a lack of ability to learn and understand things or
4- Not able to think normally because you are drunk.

Even though Mr. Mahboub Maalim’s so-called insult was meant for both Kiir and his nemesis, Riak Machar, it’s unarguably apparent that Kiir is the prime target since his is the most important player and the one surely impacted by all of the above qualifications as far as our current emotions are concerned.

What kind of leader is Kiir really? As a more diplomatic and civilized person, Mr. Mahboub Maalim even came to Juba recently and probably wanted to meet Kiir and iron out the problem, but, not surprisingly for most South Sudanese, Kiir flatly avoided meeting his so-called ‘insulter.’

That’s just another blatant diplomatic ‘stupidity’ by Kiir as Mr. Maalim would have most probably directly expressed his ‘apology’ as demanded by Kiir and the issue permanently resolved.

The great civil rights leader, Martin Luther is quoted having said the following: “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

Exactly, these are the two most important drawbacks of president Kiir, his stunted formal education only serves to exacerbate his utterly shameful manifestations of ‘stupidity’ in all facets of his deplorable leadership.

Since ascending to power by default after Garang’s sudden death, Kiir has been a pawn easily and persistently manipulated by his Dinka tribesmen for their particular interest and to the fatal detriment of the nation.

From the likes of Bona Malwal against Garang during the liberation to the Arthur Akuein, Athorbei, Athian, Telar and the Paul Malong, billions allegedly stolen by these tribes-people and the country utterly now devastated, obviously with Kiir’s implicit connivance.

Going back to our current predicament, how many times has Kiir publicly promised the nation that he will ‘never take us back to war?’

According to Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba, now permanently incarcerated by Kiir in Juba, in his letter of resignation from the SPLM to Kiir, aptly opined that, “the struggle for democratic reforms in the SPLM has resulted in the death of tens of thousands of our innocent citizens betrays an inner tendency to dictatorship the very antithesis of liberation, which united us in the SPLM.”

In his latest book also, ‘South Sudan: The state we aspire,’ Dr. Peter A. Nyaba further opined that “the leadership of Gen. Salva Kiir is such that it can permit perpetual political instability and squabbling, which indeed could spell the dismemberment of the SPLM and South Sudan.’

Since assuming the SPLM leadership and presidency, he stupidly averted tackling and resolving the simmering internal contradictions within the SPLM, and true to his poor leadership, he blatantly resorted to his one-man or one-clan rule/dictatorship.

True, not only has the SPLM and its SPLA disintegrated but South Sudan is now breaking apart as witnessed in the renewed call for federalism and possibly who knows, a federal Equatoria or Upper Nile state might in future break off and become a sovereign nation. Why not?

Furthermore, Kiir became a habitual liar, promising the people a million promises but delivering absolutely nothing except more death and more disaster.

Kiir persistently vowed to curtail the rampant corruption perpetuated by those in his inner circle including the J-ONE tribal aides who just opened the cash safes there and marched away with millions of dollars in their pockets while the president watched.

With sheer stupidity, Kiir publicly revealed those unnamed 75 thieves in his government who stole 4 billion US dollars and up to date, not a single suspect has ever been apprehended.

Just recently after returning from signing the Cessation of Hostilities with Machar in Addis Ababa, Kiir while addressing his supporters at Juba Airport, pointed with his hands at the mushrooming high rise buildings around, said the following: “These hotels are built by those people who stole money from Malakal and Bentiu.”

What a show of sheer stupidity by Kiir on SSTV! So he knows where the money was stolen from and who stole that money and built those towering hotels and yet he’s totally incapable to apprehend those people.

Many a times, Kiir promised to build a hundred schools periodically across the nation, nothing happened and education basically has collapsed.

How often has he promised to build hospitals in all states and improve service delivery and yet the people across the nation desperately lack basic necessities of life.

Security was promised and yet tens of headless bodies are constantly delivered openly at the Juba Morgue. The citizens across the country are forever living in fear. Even foreign embassies have advised their citizens to either leave the country or not even to come into the country.

Only under president Kiir has South Sudan, a country rich with oil revenues and other resources, but where billions of dollars disappear from the national coffers with no one held to account; a country where going into politics is synonymous with absolute sycophancy and with illicitly acquiring vast wealth with the cynical blessing of the president, a country where the expression of views against the ineptitude of the president or against the corruption and insecurity leads to sudden death in the hands of Kiir’s village henchmen.

Unfortunately and finally, our nation, that was once the beloved darling of the world as the newest nation, is now a shameful laughing stock of the world.

Compounding our situation further is the “current moral deficit and decay” in the SPLM. As Dr Lual Deng noted in his book, some of these leaders go to church every Sunday and tell lies to the innocent congregation.

That fateful Sunday of December 15, 2013, Pres. Kiir postponed the closing session of the SPLM politburo to allow him and others to pray and guess what, it was the very night he executed the incredulous massacre of innocent fellow citizens.

This is clinically a man of split personality, a psychopathic and genocidal leader where Kator Catholic Archbishop Paulino Lukudu Loro’s many, many years of prayers and benediction have had no divine effect on Kiir.

Clearly, Kiir is not accepting the IGAD proposed Transitional government without him as leader as it’s looks ominous that a peaceful resolution to our national crisis is nearly unattainable and only war remains the only option.

South Sudan has failed, will continue to fail and stay at the bottom of all nations for the foreseeable future, thanks to Kiir’s now internationally acknowledged ‘stupidity.” END