You cannot dictate to Rwandans-Kagame

Rwanda's President Paul Kagame

Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame

President Kagame addresses Rwanda Leaders Fellowship at the Prayer Breakfast – Kigali, 13 January 2013

President Paul Kagame has expressed his disappointment in the western countries, stating that it is not their place to order Rwandans around regarding what they have to do for their own development.

“We can have a conversation, we can debate but you can never dictate to me what is good for me”.

The Rwandan President was addressing the annual National Leaders Prayer Breakfast hosted today, January, 13 2013 at Serena Hotel in Kigali. He also asked Rwandans and Africans at large to take assume full responsibility to transform and shape their dignity.

“…. refuse to be defined by failures”

 Stressing the importance of economic independence, particularly for Rwandans, President Kagame remarked that building Rwanda is primarily a responsibility of every Rwandan as it is to every African for the continent.

“Dependencytakes away our dignity and leaves behind an empty shell. As Rwandans and as Africans, we must refuse to be defined by failure”, he said.


The President also noted that building Rwanda is not in anyone else’s interest but in its own citizenry, commenting that they must do more than be thankful for various achievements.

“Rwandan leaders should not be satisfied by illusions, if you do, you will end up with nothing. We must double our efforts and work hard to achieve more.”

The Rwandan Leader reminded the world that no human being is superior to another, pointedly asking the western countries, why it is always Rwanda and Africa at large that face orders on what and/or not to do.

“Human beings, wherever they are from, cannot act like God towards us. They dictate what we must do in our countries, they teach us about freedom yet they are the first to stand in the way of our freedom”.

The President also added that one must know what to live and if necessary die for, rather than being a victim of blind obedience.

Are the donors chameleons?

President Kagame also spoke of foreign aids delay/ halts by some of the donor nations, questioning the double-faced act of some of the said powers both USA and Europe; pointing out that they take actions without considering the ramifications of their hastily-taken decisions on common-folk, who are the ones who bear the brunt of punishment.

Yesterday 12 January 2013, a delegation of two republican senators and three republican congressmen from United States of America (USA) met with Kagame in Kigali to discuss furthering cooperation in business and trade; as well as partnership on global issues.

The said US law makers who had come in Rwanda for a two day visit expressed appreciation for the economic transformation Rwanda has achieved.  Leading the delegation, Oklahoma Ranking Member on the Senate Armed Services Committee and Senate Foreign Relations Committee member Jim Inhofe said:

“This President has done so much for this country. What President Kagame has done that other presidents have not been able to do is incredible. We want to help in any way we can. Rwanda is a model.”

Senator Jim Inhofe fathered on relationship between Rwanda and the US: “Joining in partnerships and trade is in our interest. It doesn’t just benefit you; it benefits all of us….”

Rwanda only a victim

President Kagame added in his address to Rwandan Leaders  earlier on 13 January 2013, that it would be better to be “….victims of questioning than being victims of blind obedience; Rwanda is blamed for not being what we are told to be and for being Africans who dare to question”

He blamed the United Nations Organisations Stabilisation Mission in Democratic Republic of the Congo (MUNOSCO) noting that they have not asked themselves whether they have succeeded or not, despite billions of US Dollars already spent on Peace keeping which does not seem to bear results.

“….If you claim to care about results, ask yourselves; have you succeeded? How can you spend money on anything but not be bothered by results on the other end”, Kagame questioned.

According to Paul Kagame, Rwandans must learn to go beyond not only refusing external orders but also working hard to prove that they are able and can collectively depend on themselves in any and all aspects.

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