Youths in Chinsali not benefiting from Construction Works.

By IAfrica
In Zambia
Apr 12th, 2014

Time Posted: April 12, 2014 10:02 pm

Some Youths in Chinsali have complained of not benefiting from the construction works taking place in the Provincial Capital of Muchinga Province.

The youths said they have been moving from one construction site to another in search of employment but to no avail as most 0f the contractors doing works in the area have come with their workers.

They wondered how a contractor can bring causal workers all the way from Lusaka when a lot of youths in the area were languishing in compounds without jobs and would jump at the opportunity even if it would be just for a few months.

They further complained of nepotism were a few opportunities were available adding that their complaints to the District Commissioner fall on deaf ears as nothing has been done to reverse the situation since their complaints.

“Those who have been employed from here (Chinsali) is either related to one of the bosses or has some connection through some people he knows but what about us are suppose to die of hunger because we don’t have relatives to help us get a job in these companies,” complained Jackson Chanda who spoke on behalf of the youths.

They further said even the Chinese Companies have come with their own people to do jobs which should be done by locals and wondered what their benefits are when they can not even get simple jobs.

The Youths had intended to meet opposition MMD leader Nevers Mumba but scampered away for fear of being lynched by PF cadres who had gone to disrupt an indoor meeting which the opposition leader was having.

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