Zambia Risk Crisis if Sata Continues Hibernating, warns ActionAid

Pamela ChisangaAction Aid Zambia says Zambia may be plunged into a crisis if President Michael Sata continues delegating all his core functions to the Vice President as he hibernates from the public.

Executive Director Pamela Chisanga says civil servants had lost fear of being under the watch of a demanding supervisor given the absence of President Sata for almost two months from the public.

President Sata has not been seen in public since May 25 and has conspicuously shunned any events that require him to make a public appearance with his handlers having fallen in love with the delegated responsibility mantra for any absence.

He has absconded some of the most routine responsibilities like the historic United States of America-Africa summit, officially opening the Agricultural and Commercial Show, shunning the SADC Heads of State summit and now seems in a trance over the imminent opening of parliament.

“I would think that some of those functions include him representing us at high level for a like the one that happened at the United States,” Chisanga said.

“There is nothing wrong with the President delegating the Vice President to go to such a summit but there is everything wrong with the President delegating nearly everything to the Vice President.

“This is what we are beginning to ask, if he is not able to perform what we see as some of the core functions of his office, what exactly is he doing? We do see him giving strategic guidance and direction on matters of national importance.”

She said the civil service was in chaos following President Sata’s absence to render his bossy push that usually keeps the public service on its toes.

“We feel that even in terms of coordination amongst the different government departments it is not really there,” Chisanga said.

“You see the atmosphere in the government offices where people are operating in the kind of laisser-faire atmosphere because there is no overall leadership being provided and that is the problem we will have a crisis very soon if this not addressed.”