Zambia, Tanzania Differ over Tazara Railway Line

railway-systems-zambia-reportsThe unacknowledged split between the Zambian and Tanzanian government over the Tanzanian Zambian Railways is heightening with the two countries set to run their coaches separately.

TAZARA has announced that with effect from next week passengers will no longer take a single ride from Nakonde to Daresalaam but will swap coaches at the border.

Public Relations officer Conrad Simuchele said that the change will take effect on August 26.

The Zambian government had tried to dilute the impending split that was confirmed on the Tanzanian side by claiming it was false but will have to mouth their half hearted denial.

Zambia stands to be the big losers as its contribution to TAZARA was mainly that they courier their biggest export copper through that route as a joint owner but now may have to face Tanzanian conditions across the border.

Tanzania provides the rail sleepers for the TAZARA network and also the coaches were being serviced in Tanzania.

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