Zesco’s Chitundu, Yamba Drawn into Smuggling Accusations

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In Zambia
Jul 31st, 2014

Some officials working for the Zambian government at the Kazungula Border Post in Southern Province have accused Zesco Limited Managing Director Cypriun Chitundu and Secretary to the Treasury Fredson Yamba of smuggling.

The officials allege that Chitundu and Yamba have for a long time been importing Pan Bricks from the Republic of Botswana through Kazungula Border Post without paying any tax.

The officials who sought to be anonymous for fear of victimisation have challenged the Anti- Corruption Commission to investigate the matter.

The sources say Chitundu and Yamba who is President Michael Sata’s brother in marriage have been bringing in truck loads of Bricks from Botswana destined for Ibex Hill Lusaka.

“These two people have been importing Pan Bricks from Botswana for a long time now. The documents which the truck drivers present at the border indicate that the destination is Lusaka Ibex Hill to be particular. Even the Office of the President Special Division is aware because they have officers at the border,” one official said.

Another official said it was actually embarrassing that the Secretary to the Treasury who is supposed to be encouraging tax compliance is the one encouraging smuggling.

“It is very embarrassing. The ST (Secretary to the Treasury) is the one who is supposed to be discouraging smuggling because the treasury needs every Ngwee but he is doing the opposite,” the source lamented.

The government officials also wondered why the two should be importing Pan Bricks from Botswana when the materials can easily be accessed in the country there by helping in job creation.

“Imagine bringing in tonnes and tonnes of Pan Bricks from Botswana when they are readily available in Zambia. So they are helping create employment somewhere not here. We are told they are building mansions in Meanwood Ibex Hill,” the source said.

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