By Audrey Charowa,

President Robert Mugabe’s “super pampered” son Chatunga Mugabe’s expulsion  from St Georges College allegedly due to gross indiscipline and insubordination has far reaching implications.

Reports state that Chatunga had numerous clashes with School authorities and he had been given numerous warnings but the school were at the end of their tether and expelled the Octogenarian leader’s son.

Chatunga’s father, President Robert Mugabe was quoted in recent weeks berating Zimbabwean youth for being ill-disciplined.Which must be an embarrassment to him considering he has failed to discipline his own child. He called on youths of all political parties not to engage in violent behaviour ahead of the elections. His call for peace at John Landa Nkomo’s funeral has been dubbed “lipstick on a frog” by some observers.

Although Chatunga was excluded from the Catholic school for a week in early 2012 his behaviour did not change. One assumes his father would have berated his son about his atrocious behaviour. By defying school authorities Chatunga Mugabe was also defying his father. Another person also seemingly defying President Mugabe is War Vets Chair, Jabulani Sibanda. Sibanda has reportedly been terrorising villagers in Musikavanhu Chipinge in Manicaland. He was quoted nine months ago branding ZANU-PF leaders “a big joke”. Sadly no-one in Chipinge is laughing.

President Mugabe is a known academic who has several degrees. Unlike his father, Chatunga is said to have inherited his mother Grace’s below average IQ. Mrs Mugabe abandoned her studies in 2009 at University of London where she was studying for a Bachelor of Arts (English) degree after dismally failing most of her examinations. In the eight years she studied for the degree she managed to pass only two subjects.

Chatunga’s older brother, Robert Junior, also at St Georges College failed his A levels with a string of U’s (ungraded). Chatunga only managed to score 14 points during his grade seven examinations which he sat for in 2009 at Hartmann House, the preparatory school for St George’s College, one of the oldest and most exclusive private boys’ school in Zimbabwe.


At the end of his rope? – Headmaster Mr G.K Atkinson

After the news broke Microblogging site twitter was abuzz with the news. One user known as Chenge wrote “if #Mugabe is academically gifted as widely reported why is #Chatunga so unlike his father?”.

Veteran educator and headmaster of St Georges College, Mr G.K Atkinson, is known for his no nonsense approach to education and passion for sports. St Georges College’s expulsion of Chatunga Mugabe shows that it is possible to stand up to the Mugabe’s who have heretofore been believed to be above the law. Surely, if a 16year-old and a war vet with dubious credentials can defy the once mighty Mugabe so can others within his own party. It is hoped this action will embolden other bodies like the police and courts of law to treat ZANU-PF politicians with equanimity.

Official sources in the first family’s camp downplayed the expulsion by claiming Chatunga was voluntarily removed from the school. They also claim that Chatunga is now being home schooled.