Zimbabwe: MDC T is a kind Rich man who provides everything but no intimacy

By IndepthAfrica
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Aug 11th, 2013

4958cf5757574b2ab5867faa9a2fac81Dear Editor, allow me space to tell a true story about what is happening in Zimbabwe today. Two men, MDC T and ZANU PF were dating a lady called the Electorate of Zimbabwe. The middlemen for both were called Zimbabwe Election Commission who is a cousin to ZANU PF. Since 1980 the Electorate knew only one guy called ZANU PF, however, in 1999 another good looking guy called MDC T came into picture. In 2008 the electorate showed interest towards the MDC T. This prompted electorate to date both over a period of five years and now she wanted to settle for one. At this time around, MDC T was so confident that finally the electorate will damp her long term boyfriend ZANU PF, however, on the 31 July 2013 MDC T lost the electorate to ZANU PF, a man known as psychopathic. Everyone wonder why electorate favoured an abusive man than a kind rich man.
Here is how it happens; it is undeniable that MDC’s involvements in the government resuscitate the Zimbabwean economy but in the way it resuscitated ZANU PF as well. MDC T failed to learn from God’s principle that when one embody a sin God cut His supply, not because He hates the individual but the sin that dwells in him/her. ZANU PF is likened to a sin in the electorate.
ZANU PF is a party that is regarded as highly antisocial, aggressive and lacking empathy to the people of Zimbabwe, in short it is abusive. However, ZANU PF used a combination of tactics that included duplicity, deception and intimidation to win. Above all blood is thicker than water; electoral Commission massaged the Voter’s roll to suit her cousin ZANU PF.
As a long term strategy, since 2008 ZANU PFparty was distributing Fertilisers, seeds, land to party card holders. Chiefs were given cars and allowances. Indigenisation of companies which is underway is benefiting ZANU PF members only. What MDC T leadership managed to do was complaining from the comfort of their deep sleep.
Apart from that, after 2008 thousands of MDC supporters were displaced by violence perpetrated by ZANU PF, in other words community cleansing. Some villages were left without any MDC T prominent supporters until today. Typical areas are Rushinga, Uzumba etc. MDC T did nothing to address this big issue since 2008.
There are MDC supporters who unsuccessfully sought refuge in western countries like UK, USA, EU, Canada, and Australia etc. They left families behind in Zimbabwe. In those countries where they reside, they are not allowed to work. Their families were for a long time denied government handouts back home in Zimbabwe. ZANU PF has no structures in those countries except MDC T. On this note MDC T failed to stand for the people of Zimbabwe in Diaspora and those at home.
Some people lost limps, their beloved ones were killed, displaced and children were systematically denied places in schools of their choices because of their affiliation to MDC T. It was at this time when the MDC supporters were silently brutalised, the MDC T leadership was preaching to the international world that there is peace in Zimbabwe. How can the MDC T leadership explain to the international world today about those folks who were frog marched into the electoral box, under the influence of threats and intimidation falsely confess that they were illiterate therefore needed help to put an X on ZANU PF vote.
MDC W also assisted ZANU PF by splitting votes … It’s a big catalogue, I may write a book because the list is endless, will President Zuma do something about it? The probability is zero. Elections in South Africa are behind the corner; think Malema and ZANU PF relationship in the mix. Prime minister Cameroon appears to have no appetite about it. President Obama, unlike George Bush, is flat. Is it because ZANU PF is a scaring lion and MDC T is a sheep? The answer is No. MDC T is simply a Richman who can supply all material needs but do not know intimacy relationship and ZANU PF is a psychopathic man. Politics is more than meeting bread and butter issues but it also involves emotional requirements, MDC T just fails to establish that connection. ZANU PF cheated but MDC T leadership must accept romantic inability.

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