Zimbabwe: Morgan Tsvangirai under seige‏

By Herbert Mugwagwa

Locardia poorly advised: Tsvangirai, Court has no Jurisdiction over my wedding – Tsvangirai, Tsvangirai aides’ confident wedding will go ahead as planned – these were some of the top stories on Wednesday morning just as Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai pleaded with a judge, Tuesday, to throw out an application by his ex-lover Locardia Karimatsenga, who wants to stop the MDC-T leader’s wedding to his new lover, Locardia claiming she is still married to him.

The Prime Minister was not at the High Court for the hearing in Justice Antonia Guvava’s chambers but his lawyers argued that the Court had no jurisdiction to entertain Karimatsenga’s urgent application for an interdict filed last Friday.

The Bible asks us to pray for our leaders and we ought to do that. They need God’s grace, guidance and wisdom. Every man makes mistakes or even errs but Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai’s mistakes are exaggerated beyond measure and publicised for all to see.

He needs our prayers lest he be hindered or destroyed. When he was not yet our Prime Minister, they tried to throw him out of a window in the ninth floor building of Chester House Building in Harare.

Thank God the man is endowed with immense physical power and the six or so men who wanted to perform such a dastardly act didn’t succeed. Imagine no one was arrested!

At one time he was shopping in Macro Shop in town and met one Jocelyn Chiwenga who was then wife of Zimbabwe National Army commander, General Constantine Chiwenga. She went towards him, slapped him on the cheek and spit on his face. He didn’t hit back, swear at her nor sued! A lesser man would have done one, two or any of the three.

The man, no doubt, has got what William Shakespeare would call the ‘milk of human kindness.’ A few years ago, he lost his beloved wife Susan in a tragic accident that could have cost him his life. When it was suggested this was no ordinary accident but the work of his enemies, Tsvangirai vehemently denied that assertion, defending his ‘enemies’.

One of his briefs as Premier is to supervise the Ministers but some especially from ZANU(PF) didn’t like it and were insubordinate and hence did not avail themselves to brief him. Some of his officials were not briskly regularised as civil servants and money was sourced from elsewhere. He was accused of running a ‘parallel government’!

Morgan Tsvangirai under siege-

Having lost his sweetheart, Mr Tsvangirai found himself one of the most sought out bachelors. As he searched for the right partner, no doubt, like most men, spoke to some women. He was accused of being a philanderer! No woman was born ZANU(PF) or MDC and love knows no political boundaries and because one or two are members of ZANU(PF), he was accused of loving ZANU(PF) women!

One of the women he was involved in behaved strangely. Her name is Lorcadia Tembo Karimatsenga. She was privileged to be associated or married to the Premier. The whole world does not have more than 400 Prime Ministers and its an honour to be married to one but the Bible says, ‘The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hears down’ (Prov.14v1). Thats what Sister Lorca did:tore down her house with her hands! The PM no longer had the privacy and, indeed, the dignity that goes with his office.

At one time she was pictured at the PM rural home in Buhera holding a traditional broom and her relatives became the source of juicy stories for the newspapers thus highly embarrassing the PM. Some said the Sister had been planted by the CIO but l can not vouch for it. The PM had no alternative but to opt out of the relationship.

Then he met Elizabeth daughter of one of the quietest and most level-headed ZANU(PF) officials Joseph Macheka and married her. All was well until the day of the wedding was announced and it was only eight days before the wedding.

One aspiring ZANU(PF) MP, Mr Jonathan Samkange who also happens to be a relative of President Mugabe filed papers at the High Court via e-mail from South Africa to stop the wedding!

Ms Lorcadia Karimatsenga claims she is still traditionally married to Morgan Tsvangirai and this wedding is going to infringe upon her right to the benefits of the marriage by excluding her from the traditional marriape set-up.

Either our dear sister does not know that her marriage to the PM had irretrievably broken down or she wants ‘shayisano’(if she can’t have him, no one should) or she wants to bring him down(giving credence to the theory that members of the CIO are operating on a $100 million budget to disgrace Mr Tsvangirai. This is most unlikely.

Most of us mess up and blame the CIO for everything, and even for our social life!) or Sister Lorca could be one of those mercenaries (soldier of fortune who preys on rich, unsuspecting man) or she could be a victim of her own tactlessness and inability to handle relationships and build a stable marriage with the man she loves!

Grooming is essential for such ladies who marry great people. If she truly loves him, then even her $15 000 maintenance lawsuit will not help her but further alienate her from him. No man would want to ever be associated with such a woman.

Assuming the courts rule in the PM’s favour and the wedding goes ahead, the Friday hearing(a day before the wedding) is going to weary him further. But suppose Lorcadia succeeds, the damage is going to be a permanant one and the waste too great to contemplate since the logistics of such a wedding are staggering.

I have always bemoaned the lack of good advice given to President Mugabe and the same is true of Prime Minister Tsvangirai. ‘Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisors they succeed’(Prov.15v22).

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