Zimbabwe: Mugabe says U.S, U.K are liars

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In Zimbabwe
Nov 5th, 2012

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe addresses 67th UN General Assembly

Harare – Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has laid into the United States and its ally Britain for perpetuating lies to impose and maintain illegal sanctions imposed on his country at the turn of the century.

President Mugabe said this at a luncheon following the official opening of the Fifth Session of the Seventh Parliament of Zimbabwe in Harare last week.
The Parliamentary session will be the country’s last before a general election in the first quarter of 2013 to end the coalition government that has been in place since 2009.

President Mugabe told guests at the luncheon that the world could not afford the unilateralism displayed by the US in international affairs, while also criticising Britain for using deceit to further its foreign policy goals while harming other nations.

“Those who have imposed sanctions continue to keep them on us, sometimes we are told they are going but they keep them … some of us have asked why, why the sanctions?

“… As for the British, to them the truth is nothing they go by … if lies are told again and again people begin to believe them and so it was with us.”

President Mugabe said Europeans had established Christian missions in Africa but were not practicing Christianity themselves as evidenced by continued discrimination of non-whites and oppression of weaker countries.

He added that Zimbabwe would press ahead with its indigenisation and empowerment policies to ensure improved livelihoods for its people and the country’s development.

Turning to next year’s elections, Zimbabwe’s President urged the nation to vote peacefully.

“We are all Zimbabweans with one flag, one national anthem and there can’t be any other home for each one of us whether we are talking of MDC-T, MDC-M, MDC99, ZANU-PF, ZAPU, Mavambo (political parties in Zimbabwe).

“In Africa we (Zimbabwe) are number one in terms of literacy and if we are that high intellectually going down to fight physically is retrogressive ‑ I call it primitive,” he said. President Mugabe hailed the coalition partners for sticking together under difficult circumstances.

“We surprised you by living together as brothers, we might not have succeeded to bring our parties together but the principals were friendly, very brotherly.”

In his earlier address at the opening of the Parliamentary Session, President Mugabe said the leaders of the coalition parties would finalise the drafting of a new constitution.

“There is now the need for government to assume the management of the process leading to the holding of a referendum.

“Should the people express their affirmation of the draft constitution, then Parliament would be asked to pass it as the fundamental law of our country. Elections will then become a necessary sequel.”

Bills expected to be brought to Parliament this session include the Constituency Development Fund Bill, the Attorney-General Amendment Bill, the Zimbabwe Investment Authority Bill, the Mines and Mineral Amendment Bill and the Civil Aviation Amendment Bill.

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