Zimbabwe needs a leader not a liability

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Nov 4th, 2012

by Kennedy Mapesa Mandaza ZANU PF South Africa Secretary for Information and Publicity

At last we hear a settlement has been reached between Morgan Tsvangirai and his first wife Locardia Karimatsenga on the maintenance issue which had been brought before the courts by the wife. In order to reduce the costs of the embarrassment that the MDC-T president was going to incur, he opted for an out of court settlement which saw him parting with a settlement amount reported to be above $280 000 (approximately R2 million) plus legal costs paid to Karimatsenga’s lawyer.
This staggering amount has left both Karimatsenga and his lawyer “very, very happy.” It has been seen as a victory for women who are subjected to abuse or used as sex  objects by men like Morgan. Women can celebrate that the laws of Zimbabwe are behind them.
Surprisingly though, was the absence and silence of the women organisations, civic and human rights organisations during this period. Yet many times they become incensed with minor issues and take to the streets. Their silence on issues that border on the actions and reckless life of Morgan has raised questions on the neutrality and agenda of these organisations. If the organisations are serious in championing human rights in Zimbabwe then they need to understand that human rights apply to all people regardless of whether one is or is not in opposition of ZANU PF. They should know better that human rights cannot be applied selectively.
The issue here is not about human rights organisations and/or their response. It is about the source of the funds used to pay the R280 000.00. Thirteen years ago Morgan Tsvangirai was a poor trade union activist. He has been at the helm of MDC-T for the past thirteen years. He has been the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe for the past four years earning around $2 000. 00 a month which translates to a total of less than $100 000.00 in four years. This is on assumption that Morgan Tsvangirai had been saving his salary without using a cent from it. So where did he get the other amount above  $180 000. 00
If Morgan Tsvangirai is not a beneficiary of illicit funds  from his handlers or corrupt tendencies in the MDC-T party, then he should be an astute businessman. If he can afford to turn the money that he is been paid by his party and government into large savings, then he is the right person to take over the finance ministry.  But Zimbabweans know that Tsvangirai is not that astute. He might have courage but he has shown that he relies more on what the last adviser might have said. So where did he get the money from?
Morgan Tsvangirai’s lavishness on his girlfriends and wives at the expense of his supporters and people of Zimbabwe who are living in abject poverty is an embarrassment to MDC-T and its supporters. Ever since the issues of Morgan’s sexual escapades came into the public domain, one thing that has come out clear is the extravagance of Morgan in trying to please his women.
He has been hoping from one hotel bed to another, holidaying with girlfriends on sea cruise, hosting a lavish marriage ceremony and paying ridiculous maintenance amounts to his many former women. This excludes other issues that are yet to come in the public domain. And believe me they could be many and horrific to hear and comprehend. To think that this is the man that aspires to lead the beloved country Zimbabwe makes me shiver.
His dishonesty and insincerity about the plight of Zimbabweans is very clear. The things that he and MDC-T say they stand for are at variance with what is obtaining in reality. You can’t imagine a leader who purports to align with the poorest of the poor splashing such an amount in maintenance.
The party recently fired councillors whom they said had become filthy rich overnight yet four years ago they were living in poverty. If four years cannot justify the acquisition of wealth of the magnitude that the councillors had acquire, does four years justify the magnitude of money being spent by Tsvangirai on women alone, without considering the other wealth he has accumulated?
Zimbabweans, including MDC-T supporters should really think twice about this man called Morgan.
If he intends to come clean he should tell Zimbabweans how he managed to get the money which he is splashing every day. Is this not the money that he is being given by his foreign funders or friends  in order to cause disharmony in the country? Is this not the money that he goes to get from his funders or friends on the pretext  that his supporters are being ill-treated or suffering at the hands of ZANU PF sponsored violence? Isn’t this the money that the parallel MDC-T government is getting to fund among other things the violence being perpetrated by MDC-T youths wearing ZANU PF bandanas? Can Morgan Tsvangirai explain to the people of Zimbabwe why he found it prudent to please one person whilst many of his supporters are in dire need of help? How can he talk about those in ZANU PF and his party MDC-T, who have become stinky rich overnight, when he cannot explain how he has also become filthy rich and extravagant like them?
If Morgan still has a conscience, then he should step down from MDC-T. He has become more of an embarrassment to his party and supporters. He seem not to mind about the feelings of the people and what they say. Comrade Robert Mugabe once said Zimbabwean opposition politicians once broke, deliberately create scenes in order to meet the wrath of the law or people, so that they can run to America and United Kingdom to get money. I wonder if this is not the reason why Morgan always talk about the need to have a level playing field, security sector reforms, free and fair elections and media reforms. Aren’t these claims meant to justify the sympathy and money they get from their funders, who are bitter about the success of the land reform programme and resilience of Zimbabweans who have stood firm regardless of the illegal sanctions.
If Morgan Tsvangirai does not explain the source of his funds, then we call upon the Zimbabwean government to institute an investigation to unearth the source of the funds that he has been using lavishly. Leaders should walk the talk. If leaders talk about corruption and transparency then they should lead by example and be transparent.
Morgan Tsvangirai has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that his priorities are not right and is a liability and embarrassment  to his supporters. He does not put Zimbabwe’s ideals and objectives ahead of his. He is not a leader who can be entrusted with the running of a country especially now that all Zimbabweans know that his weakness is women and he can do anything to please his woman or women. This is evidenced by the sacking of his long time friends, advisers and funders and the splashing of more than $280 000.00 to please his second and first  wife respectively.
Surely, Morgan had interest in the Zimbabwean politics, but honestly he should be man enough to admit that this is not his cup of tea.  The sooner he does this the better because his shortcomings are more glaring than his strengths, that is if he has any. A leader with a shut mind and open zip is a liability to his party and cannot be entrusted to run a country. Whilst MDC-T can swallow their leader’s illicit dealings and blundering decisions, Zimbabweans cannot afford to vote Morgan Tsvangirai as the next leader of the country after the forthcoming elections.
Zimbabwe needs a leader not a liability.

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