Zimbabwe: The Beast of Corruption

By Gracian W. Masiyiwa, zimeye.org

The Zimbabwean nation is rocking at a standstill as multiple cases of corruption continue rip the country apart in what can only be the savage work of a vicious beast.

Several news leads dominated the screens in the past few days reading one after the other: Corruption destroys education, Anti Corruption Commission probes ZBC, Problems continue to mount for ZBC, ZIMRA, ZRP corruption fuels illicit alcohol boom, RBZ bribes investigators – the beast of corruption has continued to rip apart various sectors of the nations strategic ligaments, education, defence, finance, and information broadcasting.

The below is an attempt to describe the breath, length, and origins of this beastly creature:

One of the definitions of the title beast, is: ‘an animal with at least two heads or above’.

While I am not sure about the number of horns matter, one thing I know is that some beasts have natural instinct to attack for gain, and also for pleasure. This analogy could describe that of our own political beasts.

There are some beasts that never attack anyone or anything; once they are fixed in one direction they become ignorant to everything else around them.

They are oblivious to the actual reality of corruption in which they engage. This silent but corrupt political beast is the one I wish to undress.

When this politician begins into corrupt activities, his primary aim is not to defraud the poor population, although that is always the outcome; his plan is actually to outwit and to surpass colleagues in politics in order to sustain a political career and or be even better placed to gain more wealth and control.

Not all of them enjoy this wealth for there is no proper time to enjoy it; as their eyes are fixed on more wealth, and eavesdropping on the activities of both friend and foe.

Whatever talents there were at the beginning evaporate and they cannot even utilise common sense to distinguish between hot and cold, night and day. These corrupt people ’s way of arresting the vulnerable is actually one way of setting them free. A beast is nothing more than a clueless beast as they can only exert freedom by their actions.

Source: zimeye.org

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