Zimbabwe: Whither Big Brother?

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Jun 6th, 2012

Big Brother

Evictions, and disqualification have been the order of BBA7 housemates’ exits. Unlike this season, the previous ones were only characterised by evictions mostly. This season was so different from the previous ones as the housemates were entering in pairs as a team. A big problem we have observed from this change has been that most partners might have entered unprepared which brought lack of co-operation among them.

Apart from the Nigerian pair (Ola and Chris) who had a voluntary exit because of sickness, the Angolan pair had no clear reason for their voluntary exit apart from saying that they were not playing as a team which forced one partner to ask for exit.

Because they were not ready and co-operative they did not even agree on whether they should leave but it was a one-person decision.
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Even though the other partner didn’t want, Big Brother rules for this season’s game were clear stipulating that “if you enter as a pair, you leave as a pair unless one of you is evicted or saved”. This explains why Seydou had to leave the game though it was Esperanca’s decision.

Edith, Eve and Mildred were also evicted on Sunday following a low number of country votes.

You will also agree with me if I say that BBA7 has a lot of big-headed people who are breaking the rules. It has been frequently seen that the housemates are given several punishments for breaking the rules of the game.

Yesterday’s disqualification was a right decision to both the housemates and the world at large who watch this show. Big Brother rules condemn violence of any kind in any way and that any housemates who get involved in it have to be punished accordingly.

It looked a bit difficult to decide who was going to be disqualified but according to the rules both housemates (DKB and Zainab) had to be disqualified from the game for being violent to one another.

Violence is not only physical but it is also psychological and that’s what confused many people thinking that Zainab was not violent.

We all know that yesterday was nomination day for Upville. Fortunately or unfortunately, the two housemates who were nominated for eviction were the ones disqualified.

It was a hard moment for the Upvillers though they had not yet known those who were up for eviction but Biggie saved them and nullified the nomination and this week’s eviction show was cancelled too.

Following all the exits in the past five days, seven housemates have left the game which was unexpected. This means that the game arrangements will be affected in one way or another.

Firstly, the days for which it was supposed to go for may reduce or else other amendments will be made sooner or later.

Another effect these exits are generating is that they are setting foundations for other housemates to win easily because you never know that among those who left and disqualified it is where the winner could come from.

The list of disqualified housemates is now growing as it started with Uganda’s Hannington, followed by Tanzania’s Lotus and now DKB and Zainab.

The season which started off with 35 housemates in both houses, is now down to 20 with only seven housemates remaining in Upville.

What do you think of these exits? Are they of any advantage to your favourite housemates or it’s going to be hard for them to live without the others?Herald

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