Zimbabwe’s Circumcision drive “a waste of money”

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Dec 29th, 2011
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Zimbabwe is probably wasting millions from its circumcision drive which critics claim is a waste of money and is also ‘an ineffective and yet invasive attempt to prevent HIV AIDS virus infection’.

Zimbabwe’s political leaders and other advocates may actually have other motives which are not HIV-AIDS prevention critics and professionals claim.

International AIDS experts and profiteers have the financial power to force their lucrative agendas on Africa, it is claimed.

One ZimEye reader stated: “There is plenty of evidence that circumcision does nothing to fight HIV. There are more studies which show that men with foreskins are less likely to get HIV, than there are studies which show that circumcised men are less likely to get HIV. The answer is not in genital surgery. The answer is in wearing a condom.”

The comments come after the publishing of a ZimEye article on Zimbabwe’s free circumcision programs.

“Waste of money” … Zimbabwe’s Circumcision clinics criticised

One contributor named as Dr Ronald Goldman, Ph.D of the Circumcision Resource Centre in the United States, stated:

“Many professionals have criticized the studies claiming that circumcision reduces HIV transmission. They have various flaws. Authorities that cite the studies have other agendas. Circumcision causes physical, sexual, and psychological harm. Other methods to prevent HIV transmission (e.g., condoms and sterilizing medical instruments) are much more effective, much cheaper, and much less invasive.

Studies in Africa claim that adult male circumcision significantly reduces the risk of men acquiring HIV. Many professionals question the reliability and validity of these studies. However, some others take the leap of recommending adult male circumcision as an HIV prevention strategy in Africa for up to 38 million men. Publishing such a report in the United States appears to support the American cultural practice of circumcision. Such judgments are dangerous.

For American society, circumcision is a solution in search of a problem, a social custom disguised as a medical issue. Beware of culturally-biased studies on circumcision posing as science, and take your whole baby home,” states Dr Goldman who argues in detail his reasons for his dismissing f circumcision as a national program. Reuters



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