Zimbabwe:Tsvangirai & Supporters Are Worthless Idiots – Mugabe Turns to Comedy

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Sep 3rd, 2013

By Audrey Charowa
Mugabe turns to vile comedy
Not content with the position of super villain, Robert Mugabe has turned to vile comedy for some much needed laughs.

In his address dress, Mugabe verbally shredded to pieces Western governments and in particular the United States of America (USA) at the just ended UNTWO summit. The soon to be nonagenarian(90 year old man), complained bitterly about the West’s “illegal Sanctions”.

While at the Nkala graveside he took a swipe at Harare & Bulawayo voters saying, “People from Harare and Bulawayo, to vote for the MDC-T, what do you admire in that party? Now, go and get from the MDC-T what you were promised during the elections!” This statement shows clearly that Mugabe has decided to be president of a Zimbabwe without the two major cities. I guess this means state house is for sale then? I wonder if he’s looking for an excuse to be evicted?

At the funeral of Retired Commodore Mike Tichafa Karakadzai, Mugabe said he wanted no “ideas from London or Washington.”
“I want to assure you our attitude will not continue to be passive,” Mugabe said on Sunday. “We have had enough and enough is enough.” Considering the US has an estimated defense expenditure of $856.6billion which includes a $52.6billion “black budget” Mugabe couldn’t seriously be sparing for a fight, could he? Clearly, the old man has a dark sense of humour.

Compare with the statements he made in Mutare just before the elections when speaking of the gay community he said “We will cut their heads off.” I find it hard to believe that a man who wouldn’t pick up a gun to fight for his country could pick up a machete or sword to behead someone who has done him no wrong.

He comes up with some zany “solution” for homosexuality he says “I should like to shut them [gay couples] up in a room and see if they can get pregnant; if they don’t, then it’s jail because they have claimed they can have children.” This vile call to state sponsored mass rape must be a cruel jibe from a man who calls himself a Christian.

Barry Duke of the Freethinker describes Mugabe as an “ardent Catholic… who is permitted to slide in and out of the Vatican like a well-lubricated dildo.” It seems to one that Mr Mugabe slips in and out of sanity.

While the apt response to Mr Mugabe’s diatribe would be to chuckle dismissively it should be noted that the most dangerous man is a man out of his mind with a cult-like following. This nonagenerian’s most ardent supporters will feed you with colonial era soundbites of how Mugabe is a “great liberator” but will almost always fail to explain why for such a “great man” he still fails to find a worthy successor even among his own party to his crumbling empire. Is he so bad as a leader, that he can’t even train those most loyal to him? Is he so paranoid that everyone is a threat to him? If recent stories about the late Kumbirai Kangai’s dissatisfaction with Mugabe’s leadership are to be believed, then its highly likely that Mugabe is super paranoid about those around this man who said Morgan Tsvangirai and his supporters are daft idiots (zvitoto) who will never be buried at Zimbabwe’s heroes acre.

What I’m most curious about is not how long shall he cling to power before going the way of the ancestors but rather how long will it be before the likes of Mnangagwa or Sekeramayi decide it is now their time to lead and the old man to rest?

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